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The most important benefit is that communities will be connecting.  School children will be learning about their local beach and then carry out video interviews and talking to all sorts of people in their local area. Local organisations will be able to share their knowledge with the community and have better communications.

Levels of Sponsorship

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My Local Beach is looking for sponsors! Do you want to help us to make our project even better? And gain positive image among students and members of your local community? 

Our goal is to connect Australian coastal communities to help preserve local beaches and to have a positive impact on schools and community partnerships through the use on new media and the web.  We want to shine the light on local heroes and make the local knowledge readily available to all people so that they can respect and care for the beaches they visit.

Our hope is that we can add value to many coastal communities around Australia.  We want people to see how easy it is to learn by sharing best practice, new ideas, and that by connecting with their local community they can bring positive change.  We want local knowledge to flow from generation to generation so that people can feel as though they are part of a solution close to home.

Organisations sponsoring the project can  be a small or large company, there are plenty of benefits but the biggest benefit is your community will be engaging with each other to collect valuable local information about your local beach.  In the process students will be researching the local area, meeting up with local authorities and people and gaining valuable knowledge and insight about the local beach and surrounding area.

The real winner will be the beach but the education that local people will have on the importance of connecting with their community using new media skills will be just as impacting.  Students will walk away with the skills to research, make top quality video, understand how new media can have a positive affect on their local community as well as bask in a little local fame in the process.