Help contribute to beach conservation and teaching each other about our beautiful beaches by being a contributor to My Local Beach.

Each school will have access to the greatest professional tools for video and audio production. Learn key skills and gain experience in multimedia production and see your results online.

Your students will become video journalists!  They will be taught how to become a professional video journalist and learn how to research, interview, edit video and post it to the web.

What sort of things can I produce?

As the program is called My Local Beach and is all about helping to connect the local beach community and learning about what your local beach area has to offer. The content will contribute to the education about our local beaches with topics such as wildlife, rehabilitation, and local amenities.

Content can be gathered in interview form (ie with a local business owner, a local council member or community member), can be a report, short documentary or in photo form. Our Zone Managers will give you a list of topics and ideas and you can go out and have fun collecting that information, learning about your community and learning great media skills.

If you're a teacher and want some more information on video journalism, video editing and class activities, check out our teacher's tool kit. It's a helpful little toolkit and can be used to get some ideas... though we're sure you have much bigger and better ideas, but we wanted to help out as much as possible. Read or download, .. up to you, but check it out here.


There are heaps of benefits of contributing to the My Local Beach program. Students can gain excellent skills and expertise through putting their knowledge into practice. Furthermore, you will have access to professional equipment as well as online resources to further develop your media skills. You will also get the exciting opportunity to have your work hosted online and viewed right across the country.

The community will also gain great benefit from your contributions. We’re helping to improve the conditions of our local beaches through the sharing of knowledge and expertise, as well as helping to educate the next generation and wider community on how to respect and protect our beautiful beaches.


In order to have your video hosted on our apps, the production value needs to be of a high quality. We will supply full HD compatible video recorders and software, as well as microphones in order to help assist as much as possible, but the challenge for you is to ensure the quality is top notch.

We will feature all great videos, as well as interview outstanding contributors and shine a light on high achievers through our web video sharing apps.

Media Kit

 - HD Flip Video Recorder
 - Professional Mic Kit (including lapel mic)
 - Tripod
 - Online media education
 - Mac computer

Is your school suitable?

Any school can apply.  All you need is either a motivated teacher with an interest in new media, a subject that involves new media, video or similar and a great passion for becoming involved in your local community. Your students will learn about local history, local current beach activities and also become directly involved in your local community.  Best of all they will be working with professionals to learn about new technology and new media

How to make a good video
All about the Flip camera
To check out how to get the top quality videos, check out this short video which has some great tips and hints on how to reach the highest standards with the Flip HD camera.

How to make a good video
The principles of lighting apply to all image capturing. Most of your filming will be done outside, so check out this little video giving you some helpful hints about lighting. Remember that these hints are for photography and your videos will have motion, so be prepared for your lighting to move slightly.