Locals Learning Together
We employ local people to help coordinate the activities between schools, community groups and experts.  The Local Area Manager ensures that content created is of a professional quality and provides education and ongoing to support to all groups involved.

Schools can utilise their Local Area manager to help students formulate research plans, provide introductions to local experts and also approve all content before it's loaded to the web.

Community accelerate learning
Crowd Accelerated Learning is the new phenomenon which has individuals learning from each other and together. Web videos are the greatest way to give access to the world and help them teach themselves, at their own pace. Check out the video over there to see what we're talking about.

This video has a real life example of a struggling community learning how to improve their local area and then sharing that with other communities.

Via knowledge a rubbish dump is transformed into a garden and provides much needed food for the community.  Make sure you watch it all the way to the end!

Cloud computing
Brings together new technologies and apps to integrate them all EASILY so they all speak to each other.  Kangaroo Media helps keep the My Local Beach community organised using it's expert knowledge in cloud computing techniques.  It’s about getting everything to work together in the same cloud.  This provides real time reporting and a safe place for the valuable knowledge gathered about local beaches across Australia.
New Media
New media solutions are less focused on telling the people what to do, rather it's more about helping keep people connect and shows them HOW TO.  It keeps communities connected and letting 'word-of-mouth' spread all the valuable information you collect.

If you're wondering the value of new media, web video and social networking solutions, the answer is all in the speed in which people connect:
Radio took 38 years to reach an audience of 50 million... 
TV took 13 years
iPod - 3 years
Facebook - 9 months to reach an audience of 100 million
Apple Apps - 1 billion in 9 months

Watch this video to learn more.