Get Involved

There are 5 great ways to get involved.

You can:
- Tell a story on the My Local Beach sites
- Get your school on board
- Become a major sponsor
- Minor sponsorship
- Some other way (let us know your thoughts)

To contact us with ideas or opinions just fill out the form and we will be in touch.  You can also join us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.  Just click on the links on the top of the home page.

Got a story to share?
Get involved and help provide content and information for the MLB community.  We’ll connect you with local area managers that will help share your information and knowledge on your area of interest with the wider community.
My school wants to get on board
Your school can get a whole bunch of professional media tools to help produce content, just let us know and we'll get in touch and get all the tools to you.
Become a sponsor
Community programs need your help. There are 2 ways of providing sponsorship:
1- Major Sponsorship - $4,999
2- For all other sponsorship arrangements, see the sponsorship page

To find out more, click here
Lets us know what you want to see happen with My Local Beach in your area and we'll do as much as we can to help you out.