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Want to offer a Discount Deal
My Local Beach connects locals our to a wide range of new experiences, from scuba diving and sushi s to gym memberships and dance classes. Want to feature your business? Fill out your info and we’ll be in touch. Join the My Local Beach network to find out more.

Discount Deals for Business

MY Local Beach finds LOCAL quality businesses, like you to offer bulk discounts to the local community. You sell more so you can afford to discount the price. If we don't sell enough then the deal does not proceed.
We develop a compelling promotion to match your discount deal My Local Beach members and their friends get our weekly message and email featuring your deal. They tell their friends and if enough people register we put your discount deal on sale and they buy in advance.  Yes, money upfront - that means it’s worth you offering a discount deal.

If not enough people register, no hard feelings, the deal doesn’t proceed.

My Local Beach transfers the money into your bank electronically 7 days after the discount deal goes on sale.

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