What is My Local Beach?

My Local Beach is brought to life by Kangaroo Media and at its core, it brings together students, schools, the local council and community members to help the community grow. Launching in January 2011 My Local Beach is a local pilot program being run in Altona, Victoria.
The program provides:
  • Community connection (face-to-face and online) by providing a program for local school kids to interview community contributors
  • Platform for school-community-council-business partnerships
  • Financial support to build stronger school-community-council-business partnerships
  • Professional training and tools (media kit and training) to provide content (web videos) to schools
  • Social media skills and technologies to improve the connectivity in the digital age for local councils and businesses.

What's Involved?

Kangaroo Media has committed to contribute $150,000 over three years for the initial pilot program. My Local Beach can't happen without contribution from the community. Financial support from local council and business to help fund the project. Content support from the local knowledge base. And content gathering from local schools so that we can share it with everyone in the community.

Into the future

You've heard it before: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. My Local Beach builds on the importance of connecting communities through new media and social networking so that the community can continue to grow in the digital age with the next generations.

Outcomes can include:
  • Greater community engagement both online and offline
  • Collection and sharing of important local knowledge
  • Improved communication within our community
  • Better long term outcomes for our beach
  • Greater use of online social media

Research shows that community experiences can be enhanced when they are connected to, and involved with their community. Research also shows that using social media is a great way to connect on new levels with your community.

What do we hope My Local Beach will achieve?

We want communities to become more connected for an extended range of people to contribute to community learning. Effective school-community-council-business partnerships means everyone can draw from a much broader range of resources and support networks.